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Mr. Sunshine is the new comedy on ABC, created by Matthew Perry, Marc Firek and Alex Barnow. It chronicles the daily business of the Sunshine Center in San Diego, CA, following Ben Donovan, its manager of operations and the employees he interacts with on a daily basis. Hitting the 40 years-old mark, Ben comes to the realization that he only cares about himself, and with the clock ticking, he decides to change his attitude towards life.

Main Characters
Ben Donovan
The recently-turned-40 Manager of the Sunshine Center sports arena, who decides to change his attitudes towards life. Read more…
The Marketing Director of the Sunshine Center, and Ben's former friend-with-benefits, who is now dating Alonzo. Read more…
The always-optimist Sunshine Center's Charity and Community Outreach Director, whom Ben truly dislikes. Read more…
Roman Cohen
Crystal's estranged, socially-awkward son who cannot find the right placement at the Sunshine Center. Read more…
Crystal Cohen
The racist, heavily-medicated Owner of the Sunshine Center, and Roman's estranged mother. Read more…

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The next episode, "Hostile Workplace" , will air on Wednesday, March 2, on ABC.

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A life lived only for one’s self is empty.

Crystal Cohen, "Pilot"

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