Roman Cohen
Full Name
Roman Cohen
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First Appearance
Ben's assistant
San Diego, CA, USA
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Unnamed father

Roman Cohen is Crystal's estranged, childish and incapable son. At first he was hired as a random worker at the Sunshine Center, though he was later promoted to become Ben's assistant.


Not much is known about Roman's early life. At one point he became estranged from his mother. He grew very fond of boats and Mafia movies, though he acquired no useful skills. Eventually Crystal would decide to hire Roman as an employee at the Sunshine Center, and tasked Ben with assigning him a job. After a position at the kitchen proved to be a mistake, Ben and Roman attended Crystal's charity speech, in which she told the audience she never had a child; Roman, confused, was cheered up by Ben. On their first meeting, Heather, Ben's assistant, developed a liking to Roman, describing him as "gorgeous." ("Pilot")

Following the announcement of Heather's departure from the Sunshine Center, Roman was promoted to Ben's assistant, after failing to keep up with any other position. After his mother announced of a contest to the most valuable employee, with the prize being a Sunshine Center golf cart, Roman was announced as the winner, with the contest being rigged from the beginning. While Roman and Heather drove through the building in the cart, Roman attempted to convince Heather to stay. In an act of defiance, Roman poured gasoline over the cart, and burnt it, dedicating it to Heather, who once lit a man on fire. ("Employee of the Year")


  • Roman "does not have full command of the letter Q."