Employee of the Year

February 16, 2011
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"Employee of the Year" is the second episode of Season 1, and overall, of Mr. Sunshine. Crystal decides to hold a contest to determine the Employee of the Year, but unbeknownst to the staff, a winner has already been pre-determined. Meanwhile, as Ben contends with catering to Eli Cutler's needs, he must also keep the rest of the employees from being distracted by the fake contest and get the arena ready in time for Eli's performance.


Crystal's ContestEdit

On Ben's 10-year anniversary, which Crystal is unaware of, she announced of the contest which will declare the most valuable employee of the Sunshine Center; the winner will be the one who "woo"s her the most. The prize is a brand, new Sunshine Center golf cart. With employees leaving their daily tasks and going on to repaint Crystal's office, installing disco lights and baking cakes, Ben is left to do everyone's jobs, all involving that night's concert, starring Eli Cutler. Alice and Alonzo compete against one another, with him distributing signed Frisbees to blind children, and Alice trying to replace them with blank ones. After Crystal announces that Roman is the winner, Ben confronts her, revealing it is anniversary. Crystal later on apologizes, and claims that Ben works so hard, that she never thinks she needs to thank him for his loyal service to the Center.

Serving EliEdit

Eli Cutler, a teenage pop-star (claiming to be a rock-star) arrives at the Center, and immediately demands a DVD copy of Brothers & Sisters' first season, or he would not perform. After Ben finally acquires a copy, Eli demands a phone number of an attractive young girl. Despite Ben's fulfillments of his demands, Eli refuses to perform, finally revealing that he believes his music is bad. Ben starts naming some of his favorite songs performed by Eli, telling him that sometimes people need to hear they are doing a good job. Convinced by Ben's speech, Eli goes to perform. It is made evident that Ben was merely reading the set-list of the songs Eli was going to perform. While on stage, Eli dedicates one of his songs to Ben.

Roman's Love LifeEdit

As Heather's internship at the Sunshine Center comes to a close, Ben promotes Roman to be his new assistant. Roman, after winning the golf cart in the rigged contest held by his mother, takes Heather on a ride, during which she regrets having to leave the Center, and wondering if there is a way to stay "without having to pull out the old gas can." Roman takes is literally, and burns his golf cart on the first floor of the arena, in an act dedicated to Heather. As Ben walks out, he notices the fire, and quietly welcomes Heather back.


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