Full Name
Portrayed by
First Appearance
The Sunshine Center mascot
San Diego, CA, USA

Dave is the employee inside the Sunshine Center's mascot costume.


Not much is known about Dave's previous life.

On Ben's 40th birthday, Dave approached Alice's office and asked her to unzip him, as he dropped a taco inside the costume and the smell started to spread. Alice refused, and closed the door in his face. Several minutes later, Dave could be heard screaming for help. ("Pilot")

On a later occasion, the mascot's costume was resting on a chair outside of the elevator. Ben approached it, not sure if Dave (though refereed to as "Nick" by Ben) was inside. Taking the chance, Ben told Dave of his 10-year anniversary with the company, and of his high hopes that the workers will throw him a party, or make an announcement. As the elevator opened and Ben got inside, Dave walked by, and wished Ben good morning. Dave later drove the prize of Crystal's most valuable employee into the room - a brand, new golf cart - and bumped into a desk. Later on that night, after Roman lit the golf cart on fire (in an act dedicated to Heather), Dave sat on a chair, in the same position as his costume earlier that morning. Ben, unsure if yet again Dave was not inside, attempted to touch it, with Dave warning him not to. ("Employee of the Year")


  • It is unclear if his name is Nick, or whether it was another mistake by Ben, who tends to forget his co-workers' names.