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Marketing Director of the Sunshine Center
San Diego, CA, USA
  ●   Brother(s): 
5 brothers
  ●   Sig. other: 
Ben (Former friend-with-benefits)

Alice is the Marketing Director of the Sunshine Center, and Ben's former friend-with-benefits. She left Ben and moved in with their mutual co-worker, Alonzo.


Not much is known about Alice's early life, except that she grew up in Wisconsin with five brothers at home. ("Employee of the Year") She was eventually hired as the marketing director of the Sunshine Center, and entered a strictly sexual relationship with her fellow co-worker, Ben. On the night before Ben's 40th birthday, the two had sex in the arena, as a hockey game was coming to a close, and carried it on to Ben's apartment. The next morning, though, she woke up to find him gone.

Back at work, Alice sent Ben a message, informing him they have to talk. Failing to respond to her texts, Alice confronted Ben in his office, recounting her experiences early that morning, not noticing a stranger in Ben's office. Later that day, in her office, Ben confessed to her that he has real feelings towards her, though Alice revealed to him that she is moving in with Alonzo, a fellow co-worker, whom Ben hates. It is Alice who inspires Ben to change his attitude towards the world, simply telling him that the only person he cares about is himself. Alice agrees to remain close friends with Ben, though refusing to have sex with him one last time. ("Pilot")

Following Crystal's announcement of a contest that will determine the hardest-working employee of the Sunshine Center by "wooing" her, Alice arranged to close a valuable deal with Eli Cutler's managers, hoping to impress Crystal. Alonzo, though, arranged for a group of blind children to attend Cutler's concert, and gave them autographed Frisbees. Alice, fearing the competition, attempted to replace each one with a blank Frisbee. Alonzo soon caught her, ashamed of her actions. It was soon discovered that the contest was rigged, and Roman was the pre-chosen winner of a brand new golf cart. ("Employee of the Year")